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220 - Wedding Diapers Samples
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uploaded by molicaregirl 4 years ago
Sample from our video at, or direct link for more pics etc


Alice visits her wedding planner one last time before her big day. She just wants to go over all the last details, such as final choice for colors, flowers, cake etc. Gwen also brings up one last important detail, bridal diapers. Alice is taken back by this and shocked, as she’s never heard of brides wearing diapers on their wedding day. Gwen just chuckles a little and reassures Alice this is pretty normal. After all, she’s going to be wearing a huge dress with a long train. How easy do you think it is to take that off to go use the bathroom real quick?

Alice continues to protest saying she just won’t drink anything and any other excuse she can think of. But, Gwen has a response to each one. Can’t go without water because then you’d be dehydrated which will make you prone to fainting, hangover, getting tipsy, etc. Plus, she’s Catholic, which means a lot of sips and glasses of wine. She can’t go that long without having to use the bathroom, the ceremony alone is almost 2 hours! However, Alice still wants nothing to do with the diaper out of fear everyone will know.

Gwen reassures her that all her clients wear one. It’s normal and no one can tell. To prove it, she pulls out a book and shows her other brides in their dresses, each wearing a diaper underneath. Alice then asks Gwen if she wore one to hers and Gwen responds with "of course." Gwen also brings up that Alice’s best friend, now bridesmaid, wore one to her wedding too! After all, she was her client too . . .

Alice finally agrees to try one on to see if it’s noticeable. Gwen lays Alice down on the floor and begins the diapering process, while explaining all the details of the diaper process for her wedding. That someone will have to help her into it, more than likely her bridesmaids, and that just before the wedding is over and they leave for the honeymoon her bridesmaids will help her out of it so her husband will never know. It’ll be a complete secret from everyone! Alice is still worried though, especially now that Gwen is also telling her that she’s going to bring by a pack of diapers for her to wear for the next few days to get used to wearing and using them.

After getting diapered and standing up, Gwen realizes that Alice is perhaps a little smaller than she thought. The medium molicare is a little big on her, but nothing to worry about, she’ll just pick up some smalls for her to wear instead. She then helps Alice get her pants back on and snaps some pictures to prove you can’t even see the diaper!

Alice is still distraught she’s going to have to wear diapers for the next few days and still believes EVERYONE will see it on her wedding day. This is when Gwen finally reveals that she’s been wearing a diaper this whole time! Alice is shocked, realizing she never even noticed despite her currently diapered state. Alice then checks Gwen and sees she’s actually wet too!

Alice questions her about going and getting changed, but Gwen is okay and will wait until she leaves to get changed. That’s why she’s in it after all, so she doesn’t have to run to the bathroom in the middle of meeting clients. Alice though can’t stand to see Gwen in a wet diaper and asks her and she can change her. Gwen agrees saying this will be good practice and this will allow her to instruct her on how to put a diaper on.

As Alice starts changing Gwen’s wet diaper, Alice quizzes her on why she’s diapered. Gwen explains that because she meets with so many clients back to back she doesn’t always have time to go, and plus, since her clients have to wear them to their wedding it’s not so bad for her too as well. At this point Gwen notices that Alice is actually putting her new, dry diaper on backwards! See, it’s a good thing to get practice!

Once Gwen is finally in a fresh diaper, Alice admits she has a little confession to make. While she was changing Gwen she didn’t think she could, but she was able to wet her diaper. Gwen is happy for her, telling her this will make it a lot easier on her wedding day, but since she’s almost done with their consultation she should change her out of the wet diaper. But, since she has no more smalls she’ll just change her into panties for now but she’ll stop by later tonight with a pack of smalls and she can start her week of diaper training for her wedding day!
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