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Sample - 218 Bedwetting Roommate?
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uploaded by molicaregirl 4 years ago
Joy is looking for a new roommate and lucky for her, she got a quick response! Gidget needs a room as she is moving out of her parents house to be closer to college, but being her first time she’s a little hesitant and scared. Plus, she’s just a little shy too. Joy was expecting this, but wasn’t expecting just how short she was. She said she was short, but 4’7" is pretty short.

After showing Gidget around real quick, they sit down to discuss things. Gidget is happy with the place and wants to move in and confesses she was thrilled when she found an ad looking for another bedwetter. Joy has to stop her because she doesn’t wet the bed. Gidget is embarrassed because she thought the ad meant Joy wet the bed. Joy corrects her saying she was looking for someone OK with a bedwetter because her son wets the bed. She’s had bad experiences with people in the past who make fun of him for wetting the bed. However, since Gidget wets the bed, she wouldn’t make fun of him, right? So Joy agrees saying it’ll be a little fun having a baby sister type around.

The next day Gidget returns. After settling in for a bit, Joy sits Gidget down on her lap to explain a few house rules. Pretty usual, no boys, no late night parties, no trashing the house etc. Knowing she has accidents, Joy thinks it’d be best if Gidget wears diapers around the house. She doesn’t want any of her nice furniture to get ruined, even though Gidget claims she doesn’t have any problems. Joy reassures you that because of all the stress, moving, college, and night issues it’d be best. Gidget says she doesn’t have this problem at home.

Joy probes a little only to find out Gidget’s mom her quite a bit and even spoon feeds her. Joy thinks that sounds fun so she grabs a baby bottle and bribes Gidget into the diaper. And it’s NOT yes ma’am. It’s yes mummy. Gidget then allows Joy to diaper her on the couch in a thick bambino diaper. This earns diapered Gidget some bottle time while mummy Joy teases her that her real mummy probably doesn’t bottle feed her. Gidget agrees, saying she doesn’t use a bottle. Joy is confused, but then realizes she means real breastfeeding.

So joy whips out her large breasts for Gidget to suckle on. Gidget just lays there, suckling on Joy’s breasts while Joy pats her little baby’s butt. As she pats, the diaper feels squishy as if it’s wet. Joy feels a little more and it’s VERY wet. Joy confronts Gidget, asking why her diaper is wet if she claims she doesn’t need it. Gidget just grins back, after all, she was already in it and isn’t that the point of wearing a diaper??

Joy agrees but says it’s time to go to the store but Gidget wants changed first. Joy says too bad, they need to get going so Joy quickly throws a little girls dress on Gidget and off to the store they go. When they get back, Joy agrees to finally change Gidget but once the diaper is off, it’s spanking time. Gidget was a brat at the store and Joy thinks she needs a spanking for her misbehaving. Joy pulls Gidget over her knee and gives her a light spanking for whining at the store. That, and she thinks Gidget needs a nap. Of course, sleepy always claim they don’t need a nap so Joy puts her in into a fresh bambino and some High School Musical PJ’s and sends her off to bed.

Once Gidget is off to bed, Joy takes a minute to call her real mummy to let her know that Gidget is doing fine and that they are working with her bedwetting issue just fine. However, Gidget doesn’t have a bedwetting issue and her mummy doesn’t baby her at home . . . .
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